Monastiri Guesthouse is inspired and informed by the landscape and culture it resides within. Embeded through that is an attention to detail that underpins seamless, discreet service. A deep love and respect for the astonishing gifts of the natural world. And, as always, a resolve to making anything possible.

Our mission is to bring wilderness and well-being together, carefully and comfortably. Our hospitality is generous and personalized, with a core sense of care at its heart. In all that we do, we want to support and enable our guests to really feel the spirit of true hospitality and the awe-inspiring Rocks of Meteora.

Monastiri Guesthouse Meteora Kalambaka

Timeless and traditional, radiant and intimate, luxurious and authentic, mythical and vibrant, Monastiri Guesthouse is everything, all at once. This traditional looking but modern feeling hotel in the heart of Kalambaka, Meteora, offers incomparable and inimitable emotions and unforgettable moments.

Scattered with Unesco-protected sights, the valleys of central Greece have been at the heart of Greek culture for millennia. Resting in central Thessaly under the gargantuan rocks of Meteora, Monastiri Guesthouse is a modern-day sanctuary from which views encompass Meteora Rocks and the Mountains they are surrounded by.

Sophisticated and elegant, the stone building of Monastiri Guesthouse glows in morning light as the sun rises to reveal the spectacular rocks of Meteora.

A Greek Family business lovingly built from its classical origins with a target to establish a unique traditional and cozy hotel located in Kalambaka overlooking the magnificent Rocks of Meteora.





Free Wifi


Business Services

*Please note that the some of the amenities above migh have an exta cost



Ranked as one of the top hotels in Meteora area, Monastiri Guesthouse continuously claims the Travellers Choice Award for 10 Years in the row and delivers stunning exclusive guest experiences 

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